What are Flange Bolts and how are they different from Hex Bolts?

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and Uses.

Hex Flange Bolt Dimensions and Uses
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The Hex Flange Bolt is a type of fastener that is widely used in different industries for varied applications. It is a highly reliable bolt that features a hexagonal head and a flange at the bottom half of the head. The flange of the Hex Flange Bolt serves to distribute the load over a larger area while providing extra grip and security to fastened components. This added feature ensures a more solid and stable attachment compared to the standard hex bolt.

Hex Flange Bolt comes in different shapes and sizes that are designed to meet different project and industry requirements. The dimensions of Hex Flange Bolt are essential when it comes to selecting the right type of hex flange bolt for a specific application. The standard dimensions of hex flange bolts are categorized according to their diameter, length, and thread pitch.

Hex Flange Bolts are manufactured in various materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. The materials used in making Hex Flange Bolts determine their strength and durability, making it essential to select the right material for the specific application. Hex flange bolts are also available in different coatings, such as zinc, black oxide, and phosphate, among others.

Hex Flange Bolts are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing, among others. They are used in attaching different components, such as engines, motors, pumps, and many others. The flange feature of the Hex Flange Bolt makes it ideal for use in applications involving vibration, tension, and high-pressure environments.

Hex Flange Bolts are designed with a head that has six flat sides, offering the user the ability to use a wrench or any tool that fits a hex head. The flange feature provides gripping power, making it easier to hold while tightening or loosening the bolt. The thickness of the flange also offers an additional benefit of resistance to warping, making it ideal for use in applications that experience high-pressure conditions.

In conclusion, Hex Flange Bolts are an essential type of fastener that offers increased grip, stability, and resistance to warping compared to the standard bolt. The dimensions of the Hex Flange Bolts, as well as their material and coating options, make them useful in various applications. The Hex Flange Bolt is a versatile fastener that finds use in different industries for varied applications, making it an essential component in many projects.